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Ariadna is a key player in innovation: whether you are looking to enter a new market or generating ideas for your next-generation of products, Ariadna will support the whole process. From the definition of your needs to the product launching, including ideas filtering, project financing, technology transfer as well as support services, like tax deduction by R&D investment (depending on local law).


At the technical level, Ariadna is leader in Automatic Data Capture and M2M solutions that integrate seamlessly your physical assets into information systems. Because the future will not be typing data, but automatic capture to work on it and provide useful information.


Smart cities is the strategic application where Innovation and ADC/M2M expertise of Ariadna meet.


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Automatic Data Capture (ADC)

Why typing data into a system? How to incorporate information coming from objects? Can a citizen become a sensor for my city ?



Ariadna provide you with solutions that will give a clear answer to those questions. Document folders, medical instruments, textile, art pieces, industrial spare parts and many more assets can be seamlessly integrated into your information systems.  


Ask us about our sectorial solutions: Health, Warehouse, Hotels, Museums.





Making your organisation a fertile innovation ecosystem is possible acting on the suitable stakeholders.


Our innovation consultants will help to create the innovation culture in the organisation and to complement with a network of partners. Ariadna helps companies to implement innovation strategies aligned with the company strategy, in particular but not limited, at areas of creativity, user involvement product portfolio management and new product development.


Ariadna will get the appropriate financial support for your projects as well as the taxes reduction from your R&D investment.