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RFID is the technology that allows storing and reading data on a label or tag using radio waves, without requiring a line of sight between the reader and the tag. The RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) consists of these basic components:

  • Readers. Are composed of an antenna and a controller. The controller manages communication with the tags and communicates with the source (host). The antenna can radiate signals readers and receive the information contained in labels.
  • Electronic labels or RFID tags. Are labels containing a semiconductor chip and a transmitter connected to an antenna.
  • Middleware. Is the name given to the software needed as interface between the controller and the databases, management software and information systems of each company overall. 

The use of RFID technology offers great benefits: Identification no eye contact; ability to read and write; simultaneous reading; higher speed data exchange; suitable for unfavorable industrial environments, reliability and speed, long life: reusable, rewritable; improved productivity and automation, greater flexibility in the control and management of processes; improved inventory management, real-time access to detailed information, loss reduction of goods, exponential implementation in the market. 

This page contains some of the products sold by Ariadna. For update product information, please contact us. Products are structured according to its category and vendor name:



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