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Able To Include

Ariadna leads the ABLE-TO-INCLUDE project that seeks to improve the living conditions of people with Intellectual or mental Disabilities. The project will produce an open source Software Developer Kit (SDK) that will foster the introduction of a communicational accessibility layer for people with IDD in any software development. ICT tools can bring independency to IDD users  but the failure to access or use ICT increasingly constitutes a major form of social and economic exclusion. A secondary but important target are the software developers, that will be enabled to use the new accessibility layer and SDK in existing and new software and apps. 3 key technologies will be used as a framework to develop everyday tasks.

  • Text and content simplified, so the target group can easily navigate on the web with a better understanding of contents.
  • A pictogram-text, text-pictogram and pictogram-pictogram translation tool supporting web navigation but also interpersonal communication.
  • Text-to-speech functionalities based on open-source available solutions.

The new accessibility layer will be integrated with existing applications and tested in 3 pilots

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September, 2013