ARIADNA and iMAGOTAG join forces in Spain and Latin America to commercialise Dynamic Pricing Solutions based on ESL | Ariadna

ARIADNA and iMAGOTAG join forces in Spain and Latin America to commercialise Dynamic Pricing Solutions based on ESL

The experience acquired by ARIADNA in the RFID market together with the solutions developed by iMAGOTAG, bring a new approach in the Dynamic Pricing Management through the use of ESL technology (Electronic Shelf Labels).

The price fixing of consumer products dynamically updatable has emerged as an essential differentiation strategy in today's retail markets.

This strategy requires technological solutions that make possible real-time price updating by taking into account the prices of competitors, stocks or demand levels, as well as other marketing factors for product positioning inherent to the business.

Current pricing models based on barcodes, QR or RFID tags have enabled to automate part of the process. However the process suffers from a strong human, and error prone, participation.

iMAGOTAG solution is based on a management platform (iMAGOTAG Server) integrated through radio frequency communications (Base station - access point) with low-power ESL tags based on e-ink displays. Its easy integration with ERP/POS and its scalability, capable of handling more than 10,000 tags with a single point of access, makes iMAGOTAG a rapid, safe and efficient deployment solution.

According to Juan José Galán, Chief Business Development Officer of ARIADNA, "iMAGOTAG solution provides further flexibility to product price management that opens new exciting possibilities for commercial strategies in the retail market. In ARIADNA, we are very satisfied with our VAS partnership with iMAGOTAG that stresses our innovation offering, in its broadest sense, to clients".

Similarly, Fritz Hanzek, Commercial Director of iMAGOTAG states, "the collaboration with ARIADNA expands iMAGOTAG market in a new geography that offers many possibilities for commercial development. We are confident that the partnership between the two companies will enable us to become strong partners of clients in Spain and Latin America."

ARIADNA has available a demonstration environment of iMAGOTAG Solutions that can be shown to potential clients through personalized sessions that can be used to assess both customer requirements and services offered by the solution.

Press Notice of the Agreement between Ariadna and Imagotag in the following link: