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ARIADNA offers broad expertise in Open Innovation Methodologies centered on users, involving all stakeholders in the definition of a new product, service, company, or process modernization.

Our consultants merge all views in a coherent unified approach to extract needs, then solutions projects and, finally, the new procedures, products or services.

ARIADNA experience in R&D at Spanish and European level is offered to our customers to assist them in managing their internal innovation.Comprehensive services ranging from creation of innovation ecosystems to support tax cuts or outsourcing their R&D:

  • Strategic Innovation Plans by incorporating new technologies, processes and projects.
  • Support to strategic business diversification through implementation activities of open innovation management.
  • Strategic definition of R&D services and identifying sources of funding for implementation.
  • Outreach and awareness campaigns innovation.
  • Comprehensive management of international cooperation projects.

      - Identifying innovation needs.

      - Creating consortia

  • Financing

      - Search of funding sources

      - Preparation and presentation of proposals

  • Project management, development activities, technology transfer
  • Management of tax incentives: Tax relief for R & D.
  • Search for Equity Marketing.