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CEO Welcome


We have worked in ARIADNA since 1998 helping businesses to innovate, paving new paths, sharing strategies, strengthening capacities, evolving products and services and creating rapid deployment technologies in our society.
Throughout this time we have learned with our customers what the keys to success are and also their barriers, how to adapt to the changing environment we have faced together, and how innovation involves a competitive advantage for all our clients, fully necessary in a global market.
This has been the main reason for our commitment to Research, Development and Innovation. What has positioned us as a key player in European, Latin American and national research programs.  And it has enabled us to guide our clients in the search for technological and methodological trends in the future. Expanding their products to new markets and strengthening the offer in existing markets.
The international and interdisciplinary consortia Ariadna leads in several programs of European Commission on Smart Cities and Inclusion is a good example of this.
Our strengths are our excellent technical knowledge in areas such as capture, analysis and automatic data processing, radio frequency identification technologies, Future Internet technologies and open source, cloud, big data, service platforms, Drupal, our extensive experience managing the innovation process from the initial idea to its implementation in the market and the financial support for innovative ideas.
 These strengths are reflected in Ariadna organization in the various areas in which we distribute our work: Ariadna Innova, Ariadna RFID, Ariadna Smart Cities and Ariadna D&IS.
Precisely, our technological base and our innovative nature are the causes of our ongoing commitment for launching new ideas coordinated from Ariadna or in collaboration with third parties. This commitment is embodied in Start Ups generation of ideas with the greatest potential.
Besides all the above, Ariadna own label since its foundation is its commitment to Inclusion and especially with people with intellectual disabilities and their normal social and occupational integration.
Ariadna coordinates, with Prodis Foundation, the Social Space for Research and Innovation Madrid4Inclusion, which is responsible for providing technology tools and providing appropriate training for people with intellectual disabilities in their workplace and in their social environment.
We are confident that in the coming years we will be able to achieve the objectives and continue to grow along with our national and international clients, with the full involvement of our staff in Spain, Colombia and Mexico.