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The With-Me ecosystem consists of a collection of embedded devices including multi-purpose consumer electronics (mobile phone, computer, TV, media centres, Kinect, etc), dedicated health equipment for personal or shared use (HR monitors, activity sensors, environment sensors, exercise equipment, blood pressure, and glucose analysis devices, etc.), external information sources providing sensor input from the environment, general information, and personal feedback, and servers providing the necessary computational environment for services and applications.

The ecosystem provides and supports safe and secure seamless monitoring and persuasive guidance anytime and anywhere for healthier behaviours. With-Me ensures continuity of personalised assistance from lifestyle improvement to primary, secondary and tertiary prevention and care. By considering this large scope of use the With-Me system will work under a wide range of evolving constraints resulting from the shifts of (1) responsibilities (consumer to doctor), (2) stakeholders (lifestyle to care), (3) functionalities and requirements, and (4) business model (market to reimbursed).

The With-Me project will deliver the evidence that people’s adherence to healthier behaviours (e.g exercising for prevention but also during care) will improve by using persuasive electronic services. From earlier studies it is known that, once people stick to these schedules, their health will be better. This proof will illustrate that this ICT-based health preservation solution can be highly cost effective by reducing the total healthcare expenses.

Website: http://www.with-me-project.eu/

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September, 2013