Mission and Vision | Ariadna


Mission and Vision



ARIADNA aims to promote innovation processes of our customers, acting as a technology partner with which to carry out the improvement of its services and business processes, through products and value-added solutions following a strategic cooperation where knowledge transfer becomes a competitive advantage.


Continuous innovation is seen as one of the main drivers of business and economic development of the society. In a dynamic social environment of technological knowledge and identification of -needs, ARIADNA is committed to critical analysis of the status- quo in ICT as a method for identifying improvement actions for our clients.

We intend to position ourselves as a leading company in supporting business innovation consultancy for the development of new technological solutions to improve systems and processes that can be supported through Excellence Centers to foster the development of our customers.


  • Commitment to serve the customer and society. The company is aimed to provide our customers with added value services through tight communication about their needs, deep knowledge of products, methodologies and technologies that can be useful in a society where we have an assigned role and I want to fulfill.
  • Attention to the social inclusion of groups with physical or mental limitations that can benefit from technological innovations available in the market.
  • Positivity to changes that introduce innovative processes. Innovation entails adapting to change. The attitude of staff to these changes marks the time it takes to adapt them, so we afford it with optimistic attitude.
  • Integrity and honesty in our procedures and arguments, providing critical analysis in a transparent manner to the several ways to add value to products and services that we can provide customers.
  • Awareness Team and cooperation between our staff and our customers. The common target marks the collaboration necessary to achieve it.
  • Creativity as an inexhaustible source of business development shunning inhibitions that restrict the emergence of new ideas that can be assessed and taken into account both for our own development and for our customers.
  • Continuous Learning resulting from experience and training. Learning processes, internal and external to the organization itself, favoring the generation of knowledge and leading to new products, services and improvements in production processes for our clients.