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Supported on our own R&D activities in ARIADNA we integrate all departments of the organization (business development, human resources, customer services...) in a process of definition and precompetitive development not only of our own technological products, but also business processes that combine innovative technology and new working methods that we offer our customers, adapted to their business needs.

Mindkeepin ©.Cooperation tool that allows business test hypotheses and to avoid bringing to market products and/or services badly formulated. Oriented to innovation processes, responsible people for business development and marketing company responsible mangers the tool support the inception of new product ideas evaluated by potential users.

Simplext ©. Integration of mobile applications with natural language processing techniques in order to simplify texts using accessibility paradigms.

SEDOC ©. Tool for creating and managing work orders for the transfer of physical items. Decomposition in tasks along with their allocation and location of components based on mobile devices for tracking and tracing.

CO-LABORA ©.PService Platform offered by the town halls to improve municipal service through mobile devices.