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Human resources

Human resources are a key element of our rationale as a company. We actively promote the professional development of each of our employees and partners.

The company has technological and methodological consultants in innovation processes that apply to all tasks they perform. Our consultants cover areas such as:

       - Content Management solutions both free software and third parties: Drupal, Sharepoint, Joomla, etc.

       - Mobile Apps on Android or iOS systems. Business Intelligence

       - Open Innovation

       - RFID Systems

       - Smart-Cities

Currently our staff reaches up to 20 highly qualified engineers that support business development and project execution. Our cooperation agreements with Universities allow ARIADNA to identify the most promising candidate to incorporate to our company. We actively incorporate additional students that complete their academic work under the leadership of our technical managers.

Financial Resources

Since its origins in 1998, ARIADNA has maintained a strict financial strategy by investing all its benefits in obtaining new resources to enable it to grow in the market. Currently the company has a healthy situation that allows it to tackle processes sustained growth over time, through the promotion of initiatives to launch new products and the incorporation of new professionals who share our vision of the market.

The economic results of ARIADNA have evolved positively in the last 5 years (even in the most difficult moments of the global economy) leveraged on our technological excellence. 

Material Resources

ARIADNA has offices in Madrid with over 300 m2 with technical equipment adapted to the needs of our clients, including demonstrators centers of technologies we work with: RFID, Smart Cities, Social Inclusion, etc.

ARIADNA also coordinates activities of Social Spaces for Innovation (SSI) that make available to participants, human and material resources to promote new ICT developments. This management role of multiple ICT actors provides us the possibility of finding products, projects and services of interest for the market.

ARIADNA offices are accessible for people with limited mobility easier accessibility.

Technical Resources

ARIADNA technological resources include:

       - Development and application testing environments.

       - Backup Services

       - Applications in Cloud Services

       - Displays technology (RFID, ECM, ...)

       - Networks of fixed and mobile data