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ARIADNA usually brings his knowledge to those sectors in which its servics fit better. Generally speaking, Industry and Services sectors are where ARIADNA has a better positioning.

These particularly are the sectors where innovation processes are more dynamic and where the values ​​given by ARIADNA become more relevant. However ARIANDA has also clients in other sectors, in many cases, recipients of ICT developed innovations arisen in other areas of activity:

Public Administration where ARIADNA has a wide knowledge and close collaboration with Government Agencies demanding new solutions.

    - Health, Education, …

Services, through its offerings in Development and System Integration that allow ARIADNA to act as a strategic technology partner.

    - Tourism, transport, distribution, logistics, agriculture, ..

Industry solutions in Data Processing & Acquisition aimed at improving production and management processes.

     - Engineering, Manufacturing, SME

Utilities from its supply and services related to Smart Cities.

    - Energy, Water…

Telecom and Media using the company's experience in IT Consulting and Cloud Services

    - Public Clouds, application integration…

Examples of services developed by ARIADNA are

  • Health Care: ARIADNA has deployed solutions for tracking people, medical equipment and medicines in different Hospital areas. Particularly we have worked in geriatrics to provide support to seniors and their caregivers.
  • Warehouse Management: The ADC technologies born in this sector. ARIADNA provides solutions to facilitate the integration of operations. We provide RFID Services, integrated into PDAs with robust connection to Order Management, error detection, element positioning, etc....
  • Tourism - Hotels: ARIADNA offering includes NFC solutions, as well as mechanisms for RFID/ bar code, to provide customers with value-added services to facilitate the management of textile, furniture, etc.
  • Accessibility: Accessibility of digital content through the automatic generation of texts in Easy Reading (Simplext).