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ARIADNA clients usually share a common goal: improving through innovation. In ARIADNA we conceive as a must to provide technology and expertise in technology consulting to achieve these objectives.

Our clients go from small businesses to large corporations and institutions. Some of our clients are:

  • DOCOUT (Document Management)
  • Hospital Gregorio Marañón
    • Farmacia
    • Geriatría
  • Lonja de Altea
  • ROVI
  • Consorcio Sanitario de Tarrasa
  • Instituto Gerontológico Matía
  • Aquapri (Denmark)
  • Hospital de Fuenlabrada
  • Estado de Hidalgo (México)
  • Gtrupo GSS
  • RED.ES
  • GSK
  • INABENS (Grupo Abengoa)