Innovation | Ariadna

Ariadna provides expertise on User Centric Open Innovation Methodologies to involve all the stakeholders in the definition of a new product, service or company: customers, users, investors, scientifics, ... Our consultants will merge all the points of view into a coherent homogeneus approach to extract needs, then solutions, then projects and, finally, new products or services.

Ariadna experience in R&D at Spanish and European level is offered to our customers to help in the management of their internal innovation. Integral services from innovation ecosystems creation to the support for tax reduction or the outsourcing of their complete R&D department.

Smart Cities

Melting together our innovation practises to our M2M knowledge made Smart Cities a strategic application sector for Ariadna. We apply our user centric methodologies to detect citizens' needs, to know how we should involve citizens, how small business will benefit from a Smart City, to plan a whole picture rather than a set of isolated apps. Projects like People or Participa were the first step to implement a sound value proposition.

Storm Cloud

Ariadna leads the STORM CLOUD European project. In this framework we will propose how existing services in cities are to be structured and become cloud based.


We are interested in the evolution of IoT/M2M, Smart Cities, eHealth and eInclusion.