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Ariadna - D&IS


ARIADNA Development & Integration Services (DI&S) department provides solutions and ICT Integration Services tailored to the needs of its customers.

Our technological offer is flexible and multi-scalable. We provide technical solutions adapted to the emerging needs of the new models of communications, doing business or providing services.

ARIADNA provides the following services:

  • Development of information systems as:

      - Consulting, Design, Development and Implementation of Applications.                       


  • Fixed and mobile solutions

    - ​Outsourcing Programming (JEE, PHP, Visual Studio, DB ...)

    - Mobile Applications for Iphone and Ipad, Android, Windows Phone, RIM and  Symbian environments.

    - Programming and Web consulting (custom applications, ecommerce, Web 2.0, technology consulting).

    - Technology Outsourcing through professional services as

    - Cloud services development and deployment.

  • Data Intensive Consulting Services (BI, DB, ADC, ...)
  • Staffing and technological support