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Ariadna - Smart Cities


The merge of our innovation practices with our knowledge has become M2M & Smart Cities sectors strategic for ARIADNA.

We apply our user-centered methodologies to detect the needs of citizens, to how we engage them and how small businesses could benefit from Smart City to plan an integrative model of city rather than a set of isolated applications.

Given that the goal of a Smart City is to improve the quality of life of its citizens, sustainable integrated services supported in Information Technology and Communications are necessary in its definition and deployment:

  • Involving citizens in defining what city model and services are needed.
  • Incorporating Government bodies in definition and leadership initiatives.
  • Creating value-added services that are of interest to other actors in the city: businesses, public organizations.

ARIADNA contributes to these initiatives through the following services:

  • Analysis of the status of the city applying Open Innovation methodologies to incorporate all stakeholders in defining the city.
  • Definition of a technological environment that supports the most important services for the city

    - Mobility: Linking information with information transport incidents: guides intelligent and adaptable.

    - Economy: local trade guides

    - Accessibility: Wheelchair services

    - Participation and cooperation of citizens: we are all responsible actors.

  • Integration of Existing Infrastructure

     - Detectors in parking, traffic cameras, ...

     - Citizens as mobile apps: every citizen is a mobile sensor.

     - Syndication external service

Searching for Public-Private partnership in the medium term

     - Value Enterprise, Trade and others

  • Ad-hoc software Applications development