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Automatic Data Capture Systems


Industrial sensor networks for automatic data acquisition systems and environments,M2M, Smart-cities, logistics applications, access control, hospital management, environmental systems or livestock, etc. are becoming one of the reference ICT solutions to optimize the management of processes.



ARIADNA has been investing since its own origin into these systems with RFID, NFC, Wifi, QR, and Bluetooth solutions through the integration of their components:

  • Data Acquisition Systems
  • Sensors (passive/active)
  • Interconnection Gateway
  • Base Stations

Through the processing of such data (filtered reading, communication devices, identification, automatic location search, tracking, etc.) and its integration with EAI systems (ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence, etc ...) ARIADNA contributes to the incorporation of new useful information management processes for companies in their operations and decision makings.

ARIADNA provides services on:

  • Solution design, readers topology, device selection, ...
  • Technology selection through strategic partnership agreements with leading manufacturers in the market (Intermec, Caen, Psion, Kimaldi, SATO, PJM-RFID ...).
  • Deployment of physical infrastructure according to the best network configuration
  • Development / adaptation of management software for later use on clients
  • Integration with Information Systems.
  • Client APIs definition.
  • Support and Maintenance of infrastructure according to the specific needs of customers.
  • Technology Consultancy.


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