Services and Technologies | Ariadna




  • ARIADNA-D&IS: ARIADNA Development & Integration Services (DI&S) department provides solutions and ICT Integration Services tailored to the needs of its customers.

  • ARIADNA-INNOVA: ARIADNA offers broad expertise in Open Innovation Methodologies centered on users, involving all stakeholders in the definition of a new product, service, company, or process modernization.
  • ARIADNA-RFID: Industrial sensor networks for automatic data acquisition systems and environments, M2M, Smart-cities, logistics applications, access control, hospital management, environmental systems or livestock, etc. are becoming one of the reference ICT solutions to optimize the management of processes.
  • ARIADNA-SMART CITIES: La fusión de nuestras prácticas de innovación a nuestro conocimiento ha hecho de M2M & Ciudades Inteligentes/Smart Cities sectores estratégicos para ARIADNA.
  • STARTUPS:Through its support for innovation, ARIADNA has become a technological reference partner for companies that claim to initiate new activities or services derived from their innovative processes.